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This week was kind of crazy, it started off super hot (in the 30s) then the sky went orange and it started raining ash (there was fallout from a forest fire), then thunderstorms rolled in and it’s been alternating between clear and rain ever since


Witchsona meme that was tumblr-popular back in February  and I’d this to color ever since. I’m sure you can still do your own Witchsona =).

I’m not sure who started it but I saw it from Anderjak, Ghostgreen & Buttart

I added the flat colors version too because it shows the original colors better..

My hand still hurts so I colored the sketch instead of inking it, looking at it small it doesn’t really show that it’s not inked =P

Bottles read: Chewed bat eyes; Cyclops tear-drops; Lov-E-voL.

I’m feeling Halloween already =)

Cami this is AMAZING!

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