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Ok, I have to run for a while, thanks again for all the kind words

I think it helps to talk about this stuff… and maybe I should have yesterday. bottling it up didn’t help

Me: Your Number One Bottler of Feelings since 1907



don’t click play.

hah Been Decades since I heard the Macarana. HEEEEY MACARANA!

…I’m having flashbacks



Here is the other thing I did, a speed paint, I may actually use this as a background for something.

I don’t usually do speed paintings, which is probably obvious haha

I’d say this is amazing, I need to learn to do something like this.

I auto-adjusted the colour it’s a lot darker looking than I painted it but yeah I just sat down and started building things from the background up to the foreground.

Like I say, I may save this as a background for something else (I promise it will be fun and not so … dark)


I love when a Marvel movie comes out because my dash becomes a flood of heroes and villains.

Marvel’s one of my forever fandoms, I’ve been watching and reading it since I was a wee little kitten and I’ll love it forever.

I was a DC kid but I grew to love Marvel a lot over the years, especially the movies.

Winter Soldier was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time

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