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I’ve seen a lot of people loving that “Yee” vid and I want to show y’all where it’s from if you didn’t already know because, lord, is it a treasure.

I present to you Dinosaur Adventure a masterpiece from Dingo Pictures. The whole film (if you can call it that) is on this guy’s channel and I highly recommend a watch. Highlights includes:

  • The spiky dinosaur speaking entirely in rhyme
  • A cussing child
  • Duck narrator that sounds like she’s coming on to you
  • Vegetarian propoganda
  • Gorillas for some reason

oh man I’ve never seen this one!! I need to watch it. I remember watching another animation made by the same company that was like. a knockoff of the lion king but they felt like it was too boring to just rip off the story of the lion king so for some reason they threw in a subplot about wanting to find diamonds. and then the jungle animals found the diamonds and were like “we are going to donate these diamonds to a wildlife preservation charity”

brain cannot process what senses show it what

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